Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Focussing on the WHOLE Student

Personal, Social and Academic

Wellbeing and Pastoral care at St Joseph’s is not merely a complementary practice; it is policy and practices fully integrated throughout the teaching and learning and structural organisation of our entire college.

Improved Outcomes

Research has shown that academic outcomes are improved when students engage meaningfully in programs that promote wellbeing, positive social interactions, mindfulness and prayer.


At St Joseph’s we engage all members of the school community as providers of pastoral care. It actively involves the community in consistent, comprehensive, multi-level activities which incorporate whole-school approaches, class or other group approaches, individual programs (early intervention), and casework.

Pastoral Care

St Joseph’s College has taken on a more inclusive function, one that is inextricably linked with teaching and learning and the structural organisation of the school - promoting students' personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes. This is done through the quality of teaching and learning; through the nature of relationships amongst students, teachers and adults other than teachers; through arrangements for monitoring students’ overall progress (academic, personal and social); through specific pastoral and support systems; and through extra-curricular activities and the school’s ethos.

Self Development

From this perspective, pastoral care can assist students to develop positive self-esteem, healthy risk taking, goal setting and negotiation, thus enhancing their strengths and other protective factors contributing to their resiliency as well as developing a sense of social cohesion that together can improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Our Prayer

St Joseph's College provide a dynamic Christ-centred community of learners;
nurturing holistic development through Respect, Resilience and Relationships.