School Curriculum

Primary School

St Joseph’s follow the Australian Curriculum (AC) and Journey in Faith (our Religious Education Curriculum).

Schools teach, assess and report on the curriculum consistent with the NT Board of Studies Policy, Australian Curriculum and Journey in Faith.

Middle School

St Joseph’s one campus gives confidence to students as they progress out of Primary and into middle school where a wider variety of courses and opportunities open up.

Our teaching and learning team encourage your child to achieve their personal best. We first identifying your child’s learning strengths and talk to them about any challenges they may experience as they journey through their learning.

After determining their learning level, particularly for Mathematics, your child will be placed in groups with students who work at a similar level. In Science we have small classes through Years 8 and 9 allowing for more intensive assistance from staff. A variety of teaching strategies including online platforms such as Stile, Prodigy, and PAT.

St Joseph’s college has excellent facilities to support the important specialist subjects such as a fully-appointed, commercial kitchen, an Art room with a kiln for pottery, a well-equipped Wood room and Science laboratory.

At St Joseph’s we care for the whole child and our inclusion team work to support students with specific needs, both in and out of the class room.  Homework support is offered before school and at recess.


Senior College

Senior College is about building positive relationships by fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of each and every person and inspiring hope and a positive vision for life in them.

We promote inclusion and understanding through our Catholic faith and values. Our students have projects to help make a difference in the local community.


Picture2.JpegThe Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program gives St Joseph’s students the opportunity to undertake vocational training while still at school. Their VET studies can be accredited towards achieving their NTCET.

VET is a learning pathway available for young people in senior secondary school. It provides students with the opportunity to engage in education and training that leads to obtaining nationally recognised qualifications ranging from Certificate I through to Diploma. VET covers a large number of careers and industries including trades, health, business, retail, hospitality, tourism and technology. It allows students to develop industry-recognised knowledge and skills and then choose from a broad range of post-school options such as employment and/or further education and training.

It is important to note that work placement is a mandatory component of some VET qualifications. This enables students to apply their classroom learning and further develop their skills in a workplace context.

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