Respect Resilience Relationships

Respect Resilience Relationships

Respect Resilience Relationships

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Principal’s Welcome


Here at St.Joseph’s we are a faith-filled learning community that specialises in the formation of young men and women and offers a liberating education based on innovative teaching within an inclusive community committed to Respect, Resilience, and Healthy relationships.

In partnership with parents, St Joseph’s Catholic College aims to develop young men and women of faith, good character, strong intellect, generous spirit, and who will be able to move confidently into the world, and who will use their talents and gifts to lead and serve others.

St Joseph’s is a strong academic College with subjects, teaching styles and activities that ensure students are fully engaged and prepared for life’s challenges. While subjects and academic achievement are important within themselves, their true value lies in helping each student discover and develop their inner spirit and strength of character. Creating a moral compass for life is as important as what students are learning in the classroom. We believe success is not what they become, but who they become.

We are proud of our student’s successes and growth, whether in the Primary school or Secondary campus. Our appeal as a college rest in our strong Community spirit, the values we strive to maintain, our commitment to realising the potential of every child in our care, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, and emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our pupil’s lives.

The mission statement of the College seeks students to develop strength in the areas of Respect, Relationship, and Resilience, our aim is for each and every student to be the best in all they do. We ask them to demonstrate outstanding levels of attendance, appearance, courtesy, respect, and work ethic throughout their time at the College.

Mrs Sunniva Antonucci
St Joseph’s Catholic College Principal

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